Try this: the day before Christmas, eat a 400-600 Calorie meal, on Christmas day eat has much as you want, on the day after Christmas eat only a 400-600 Calorie meal. 

There are many other fasting protocols that you could try, and they are explained in the e-book above. Click "Add To Cart" above and enjoy the holidays.

Tips On How To Enjoy Holiday Eating And Lose Weight!

Many people struggle with holidays, whether it is Thanksgiving or Christmas or any other holiday where there is lots of family, food and drink involved.  The challenge is how do we navigate the holiday season with gaining a few extra pounds.  

The strategy I use is to integrate some form of intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting is defined as not ingesting any calories for 17 hours or more.

The current research uses various dietary protocols, from 4-day 50-calorie fasts, to fasting 24-48 hours while drinking only water and green tea, to alternate-day fasting where you eat a healthy, nutritious meal of 400-600 calories (green leafy vegetables, lean meats, nuts and fruit) followed by a feed day, where you eat anything you want.  

The results are incredible, you can lose up to 5 lbs a week.  Get the e-book on the left, it costs only $5.00 and it explains all the different Intermittent Fasting Protocols.  Use them and enjoy this holiday season and lose weight.