If you have problems getting up and doing your work outs, to make healthy choices, you just feel listless and numb, then this is the recording for you, a component of our Instant Success Series.

You see, everything starts in the mind! It all begins with a thought, a feeling, and idea.  There is no change that can happen without it happening in the mind first!

I want to tell you a little story about how this product was born.  About 4 years ago the wife of a friend of mine contacted me, my buddy was in a terrible state, he had several deaths in the family, his blood pressure was very high (180/100).  He needed to do something, he felt listless and numb.  He was 60 lbs overweight and completely de-motivated to do anything but eat Poutine (if you are Canadian you would know what this is 1,500 calories of pure joy).

His wife was very concerned and she contacted me to see if I could help.  I said that he should go to a doctor, he sounded depressed and should see medical help.  He did, and felt a little better, but still felt de-motivated.  I decided to contact my close friend Randy and asked him if there is any way he could help. What Randy did (I am really grateful man) was create a Neuro Pattering recording to help my friend.  He told me to let his wife just put the headphones on and let it play, every night before he went to sleep and in a week some magic would happen.

His wife phoned me after one week, she said that my buddy just got up and started making changes, working out, stopped eating crap, and had a bounce in his step that she did not see in years. 

Neuro Patterning recording programs your unconscious mind to work for you not against you.  You deserve to be motivated and get the results that you want.