The Neuro Body Pain Relief System

The Neuro Body Pain Relief System starts by changing your understanding of what pain is and allows you to live free of pain and take control of the management of any physical pain that you may be experiencing in your life. Incredibly, we all have the power, within our own minds, to be able to turn on or turn off the sensation of pain, and to keep our bodies healthy and free from disease.

You have probably had the experience of having a feeling of pain or discomfort and then getting distracted by another situation and completely forgetting about that pain or discomfort. This can be done easily and permanently as you need to. 

How Does The Neuro Body Pain Relief System Work? 

By listening to the Neuro Patterning recordings you will learn the same methods of pain control that have been used to completely eliminate acute, or immediate pain, chronic, or long term pain, labour and birthing pain, and has also been used to create partial or total anaesthesia, or no pain at all, during dental surgeries, and even medical operations such as heart surgery and amputation!

  • learn secret methods for pain control that have been used since the 1700's and in thousands of surgeries, including amputations
  • learn how to experience partial or total anaesthesia or numbness on command - in less than 5 minutes
  • discover how to use something that is more powerful than the most powerful drug in the world, and has been tested against every other drug, proving as effective or more effective in many cases.
  • learn to tune into your body and understand the purpose for the pain and how to turn it down on command
  • freedom from joint pain
  • freedom from chronic pain
  • the power of the mind to control and eliminate pain
  • learning to listen and understand the sensation of pain and completely let go of the need to ever feel that pain again

How We Do It?

Central to the system is the Neuro Patterning Recordings that puts your brain into Aplha state, it is this state where you are the most receptive to building new habits, building new skills. In 20 minutes a day, these state of the art recordings, motivate you, make you addicted to success, invigorate you and push you to make the changes you need to create a new you.  Click the "Add To Cart" button and get some pain relief.